For many individuals, who own land, either live near the forest or work outdoors, chainsaws are a vital tool. Of course, nothing continues forever, and eventually, a chainsaws chain will need to be turned out.

However, if you know how to sharpen the teeth of the chain, you can significantly cut down the ongoing operational costs of the chainsaw.Unluckily, sharpening the teeth personally is dull and using a hand tool needs to be used expertise.

That is why we have constructed a list of the top three best electric chainsaw sharpener available as well as a price range choice. With these tools, you can take a job that needs time or expertise and runs right through it.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener

If you own an electric saw, then you know that the chain must be kept sharp for that is the piece of tool to cut effectively. If you do not keep the chain sharpened actually, your chain and bar assembly could be heated, and this will reduce the life of your chainsaw.

If you are pushing a saw to cut because the chain is, dull you are establishing yourself up for potential protection risks like kickbacks. If your saw is not easily cutting the tree, then you need to sharpen that chain. Even the best chainsaw cuts only as well as the sharpness of its chain.

How To Select Best Chainsaw Sharpener

When you are filing the selection of chainsaw, ensure that you are filing away little by little as much as possible. Discover the quickest cutter tool and file all blades to match you desire your quickest cutter tool.

Be sure to put the filing gauge on the chain and that the arrows should be directing towards the chain’s direction of spinning. The gauge should also be in contact with the chain when you are doing this.


In the powered world, there are also portable chainsaw sharpeners. Many those who use chainsaws at all times and are forced to sharpen the chain’s teeth consistently recommend it over the mounted electric chainsaw teeth sharpener.

There is a big warning to this: even more, than with a manual teeth sharpener, you have to know what you are doing. If you do not, not only will you fail to sharpen the teeth, you very well may break the chain or damage to a point where it breaks while in use?

We will finalize the mounted electric chainsaw sharpener. Mounted electric chainsaw sharpener is a huge tool and it needs a durable place to mount it.


If you choose to go the route of a mounted chainsaw teeth sharpener, then one of the main consideration has to be the real mounting frame. To be fair, the real sharpening procedure is usually globally the same.

Moreover, the mounting procedure itself is also often very similar. The dimensions the mount contains some dimensions. A portion of this has to do with the variations in the motors of the chainsaw sharpeners.

A bigger or better motor will naturally need a bigger mounting frame to keep it constant and in place.


The chainsaw sharpening field needs a fragile balance. If there is, too little power, then you will require an excessive time to sharpen the teeth of your chainsaw.

Nevertheless, if you apply much power on chainsaw sharpener and there will be the chances of weakening or breaking the chain completely. That is why electric operated mounted chainsaw sharpeners need a Goldilocks approach not highly effective and not too weak.

However, evaluating the capability an electric saw teeth sharpener can be a bit tricky. First, you have to consider how quick the grinding procedure spins. This is usually calculated in spinning per minute. Usually, the more spinning gets, the better.

Of course, this has to be carefully balanced with the other factor when determining the capability an electric saw sharpener: the motor’s power. The larger the motor’s power, the more likely it can deal with a level of resistance and rubbing of the teeth without stalling down out.

Still, if you have an extremely highly effective motor combined with excellent RPMs, then it is far easy to break or weaken the chain by accident.


Most chainsaw sharpeners will have the assorted parts and machinery made from some metal. However, hardly ever is the entire bulk manufactured from metal.

Like several other kinds of apparatus, most chainsaw sharpeners have a combination of hard components and metal. However, this comes at a bit of a compromise.

Metal is far bulkier than plastic material, so an electric saw teeth sharpener that is mostly metal will need a much beefier base on which to mount. While an electric saw, teeth sharpener that has the plastic material frame may be mounted on the wooden horse arrangement.

If the electric saw teeth sharpener is made of metal, it will need a much bigger, bulkier, more durable base.

The Grinding Pad

Most chainsaw sharpeners sharpen the teeth of a series with a rough grinding pad. The electric chainsaw teeth sharpener is just an adjusted grinding tool that has been developed clearly to sharpen the chainsaw chains teeth.

However, the pads can come in a variety of abrasiveness, dimensions, and components.

All of these factors will determine how effectively does the grinding pad work at sharpening of the chainsaws teeth, what time the grinding pad will last, and whether or not the pad will more or less.

If the tool is not used properly in this case, will the pad break the chain or start to malfunction itself.

However, most grinding pads are made from durable enough material that they will break the chain before they break through a sluggish insured material can offer more give. Usually, they are made out of a blend-cemented material.

The most frequent basic grinding pad components are typical abrasives are silicon-based, ceramics or aluminum-based. Grinding pads also come in diamond and cubic boron nitrite components that are known as super abrasives.

Top 5 Recommended Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews

Here are some of the most significant chainsaw sharpeners we have selected here for you after our deep chainsaw sharpener reviews.

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Review

This electric teeth chainsaw sharpener is also very quick, stable and easy to use. It is designed to reach a speed of 4200rpm/ 120v and can be connected to any conventional 120v power chain.

Like the Timber Tuff, this teeth sharpener is also can also be mounted on the walls, a regular and any work surface. It is also very persistent which makes it easy to use for the owner.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener

One way that the Buffalo attempt to fix this problem is by looking into which makes it have an extremely lightweight design. The Buffalo is by far the most lightweight and smaller chainsaw teeth sharpener of the group.

While the lightweight design provides a reduced center of gravity and a bit more balance, it does not do enough to account for the imposition it places on thoughts.

When you are trying the little grind teeth on a relatively slim chain, your capability to assess precisely by eyes is vital. This may need you to get in some uncomfortable roles to see what you are doing which can cause hardness and pain later on.

Still, in regards to its real main feature of sharpening chainsaws teeth, it is not so dreadful. It presents other problems that can make the sharpening process of the chainsaw teeth harder.

First, the grinding wheel operates at a stunning 4,200 rpm. This might seem like a very important factor, but it makes more force on the chain without providing any big benefit when grinding.

Main Features:

  • Mounts to regular, walls or vise for fast access and balance
  • Uses a 4-1/4-Inch x 1/8-Inch grinding wheel
  • Keep your chain in top condition and reduce costs by sharpening your saw
  • 60 Hz, 85-watt, 4200 RPM grinding speed, connects into an ordinary 120-volt walls plug
  • Adapts to most popular chain designs

Best Chainsaw Sharpner

Oregon 511AX  ChainSaw Sharpener Review

Oregon 511AX has three different sizes of 1/4-inch, 1/8-inch, and 3/16-inch thick grinding wheels. You will still be able to adjust the grinding wheels once they’ve started to get worn down, which will allow you to end up with an adequately ground chain every time.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener

To make things simpler, they have also added vice was moving feature so you can keep the wheel in the same place as the materials are reduced through usage when it is assembled for your chain you will have a lot less try to do.

The design is included for the chain pitch, depth gauge, and wheel contour.  To offer you with some more space, you will also look for the big indexing chain stop assembly will be able to support bigger chains.

It is easy to assume the Oregon 511AX chainsaw sharper will be very heavy, but it only is a little under 19 pounds.

That does not mean it is not an effective tool because the 3,400 RPM direct-drive motor guarantees you will be able to sharpen your chainsaw chain quicker than you ever could with an electric saw file.

Main Features:

  • Variable motor grind angle to enable multiple adjustments
  • Durable, long lasting cast aluminum framework.
  • 3-ft. cord with 3-prong based plug
  • Sharpens 1/4-Inch, .325-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch, and 3/4-Inch pitch chains
  • Allows for equal break perspectives without adjustment and new adjustment abilities for accurate grinding, as the wheel would wear
  • Safety shield with incorporated mild.
  • Motor and Electric Specifications: Single phase, 115V-Ac, 60 HZ, 3 amp, 285 watts, 3400 RPM direct-drive motor, .038 horsepower.
  • The grinding tool has three grinding wheels with the width of 1/4-Inch, 1/8-Inch, and 3/16-Inch.

Best Chainsaw Sharpner

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Built with resilient excellent quality Produced Aluminum and the skills to sharpen each chain teeth to a perfect same length and place in a few moments, the Timberline chainsaw sharpener is an excellent item made for both professional customers and the average homeowner.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener

This teeth sharpener is also very flexible and can be used almost on all chainsaws. It is, quick, easy to use and very efficient.

This Timberline teeth sharpener has also received many beneficial online reviews from customers for its excellent quality, performance, and sturdiness.

It is a bit pricey for the periodic chainsaw user who only uses an electric saw a few times each year but an excellent chainsaw teeth sharpener nonetheless if you could perfectly afford it.

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener can be used on almost all chainsaws. Most chains come in three conventional dimensions. Typically, chain dimension is about saw dimension.

Larger saws that are better use huge chain while smaller saws use little chain. If you do not know what chain, your saw has looked on the bar for the indicated chain dimension (pitch).

Main Features:

  • Accurate Every Tooth Sharpened to the same Length and Angle
  • Fast Sharpens Each Tooth in Seconds
  • Convenient Take Everywhere and Sharpen Anytime
  • Durable High excellent quality Produced Aluminum
  • Anyone can sharpen a Chainsaw with Expert Results

Best Chainsaw Sharpner

Oregon 410-120  Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Oregon Chainsaw Corporation has an extended and fabled history focused on chainsaw and chainsaw equipment production. In the chainsaw market, the Oregon chainsaw sharpeners are usually regarded as the best electric operated mounted chainsaw sharpeners available.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener

One factor that might attack out to the informal viewer who is looking for an electric saw teeth sharpener is the Oregon’s rpm. The Oregon chainsaw teeth sharpener operates at 3,500 rpms.

Out of all the chainsaw sharpeners on this record, that is the lowest variety of RPMs. It is only 100 rpms reduced than the second place finisher on this record. It is over 500 rpms reduced than the third place and price range pick.

This ought to offer you with an idea of how these machines are supposed to run. Unlike many other kinds of apparatus, the highest variety is not always the best. The relatively low variety of rpms is a precautionary measure.

This is reason that the rpms are retained in low speed. The Oregon comes with an effective almost one-half of a horsepower motor.

Keep in mind; this is still an auto, not a gas motor. The motor itself is so highly effective, considering the relatively little dimension the tool, specifically so it can handle the level of resistance experienced when grinding the teeth on the chain. The motor also operates on 120V of power, which is considerably more than most of the records on this record.

All of the features combine to present a motor that is highly effective, but not too highly effective. This also produces motor rpms to sharpen the teeth of a series without putting at risk of the creation of too much rubbing or heat such that the chain becomes damaged or breaks.

Main Features:

  • Wheel wear signal
  • Built-in light
  • Top plate and down place configurations
  • Has a putting on a costume Stone, a quick check grinding design, and three grinding wheels for sharpening
  • Sharpens 1/4 In, 3/8 In low user profile, 0.325 In, full user profile 3/8 In, and .404 In pitch chain

Best Chainsaw Sharpner

Oregon 108181 ChainSaw Sharpener Review

Most of the chainsaw sharpeners are huge in dimension, which makes them challenging in the space needed in the work space. The Oregon 108181 Small Bench Sharpener is different because of its lightweight design, which causes it to be portable and ideal even for little classes.

As it is little, it is packed with power, and it can provide precise sharpening results in just a few minutes.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener

The design of this model is an imperative factor that has been given beneficial reviews in different reviews. There is a fixed motor place located on the top, which provides reliability in grinding. It also has a cam handle chain for better balance as it is used.

For your protection, also a shield is meant to lessen the likelihood of suffering from accidents. It is equipped with an aluminum metal base as well, which causes it to be resilient.

Oregon’s premium construction 108181 Mini Bench Sharpener allows it to face the test of time. Even through many years of use, it will remain efficient and will provide optimal sharpening performance.

Main Features:

  • Runs on conventional 115-Volt power
  • 12-Month warranty for problems in material and craft
  • Has one grinding wheel, 3/16-Inch width for sharpening 0.325-Inch pitch and conventional 3/8-Inch pitch (72/73/75 series) chains
  • Additional wheels required to sharpen 1/4-Inch, 0.325-Inch and mini 3/8-Inch pitch chains
  • Has a wheel dressing brick and design for depth-gauge establishing and wheel shape

Best Chainsaw Sharpner

Final Verdict:   

If you want to get the best electric chainsaw sharpener for consistently, sharpening your chainsaw, then it is strongly suggested that you invest the additional money and get a better brand.

The more advanced models have a better power-speed to make sure your teeth of your chainsaw are sharped while reducing the chance of breaking and weakening them. Besides, the best electric chainsaw sharpener is made of greater quality material and offer a more stress-free grinding experience.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy the best electric chainsaw sharpener for customer uses, then you should try one of the two cheaper options. Anyway, whether you are a little lawn care team or just a private customer, this record has an electric saw teeth sharpener that is right for you.