A nailer is a fantastic tool that replaces hammers to drive nails into wood or other surfaces. They make any carpenter or carpentry work much easier and less time consuming. But with hundreds of models and brands on the market it is hard to find the best finish nailer. Finish nailers could have cords or could be cordless and some work by electricity, battery or by compressed air. Finish nailers works with special nails that are sold in strips or coil that are inserted into the nailer. Coil style nailers hold more nails than strip style so this means less reloading. Strip style are however more balanced and leveled.Best Finish Nailer The nailsare then forcefully forced out quickly and efficiently. The settings of the nailer are usually adjustable according to the needs of the person using it and the task it is used for. The depth setting as well as the angle can be adjusted by various users to finish various tasks.

Finish nailers also vary greatly in price. For home use, a simple finish nailer with few options and an adequate size could be quite appropriate. For commercial use, the more advanced models are usually more desirable. People often need bigger finish nailers that are more powerful and come with more features to carry on more complicated tasks. The best nail finisher for one job could be inappropriate for another.

How to choose the best finish nailer?

As we said, the options are unlimited when you are shopping for a finish nailer. There are however some considerations that you should pay attention to before you make a purchase. Below we discuss the most important ones:

The Gauge

As the gauge number gets bigger the nails get smaller. An 18 gauge nailer is a smaller pin than a 16 gauge. You need to pay attention to the task and surface you are using your finish nailer for. A finish nailer with a smaller number of gauge will be more suitable for nailing heavier stuff like moldings in a house as it will provide more hold power for the pin. Finish nailers with bigger gauge will have smaller pin holes that will make them harder to notice.

Operating Power:

Finish nailers rely either on compressed air, gas or electricity in order to function. Choosing a specific model will have its pros and cons. A compressed air finish nailer has an internal piston that pushes the air in an up and down hammer movement to push nails. It will be able to drive larger nails into hard surfaces with ease. However, you will be restricted by the size of the air chamber which will make the nailer difficult to move around or carry.

A combustion powered nailer will rely on flammable gas that will be lit up by a battery spark in order to drive the piston. This nailer will be able to push bigger nailer with ease without relying on a big air chamber for power. You will be, paying regularly to buy gas in order to fuel your finish nailer. An electric nailer will either be corded or cordless.

You will not be restricted by the size of air compressors and there will be no messiness of fueling gasoline and it will do the job just fine. If your nailer has cord, you might be facing some difficulty moving it around and taking it to places that are far away from the plug. If it is cordless, there will always be a downtime that you have to deal with while your finish nailer recharges.


You usually end up using the nailer for long hours in order to finish your work and holding onto a soft grip is more comfortable than holding onto a hard one. A soft rubber grip is also less slippery than holding onto a metal grip after long hours of work and sweating. Choose a finish nailer that has a grip big enough to be controlled while you are wearing leather gloves. Make sure that your finish nailer is comfortable enough to use around angles and tight corners.

Tool free adjustments:

When you are working around the house or simply doing some woodwork in your shed, you might be facing nail jamming. A finish nailer that allows you to open it easily in order to clear the nail jamming will be easier to use than another that you can’t. You can simply disconnect it, open the nails compartment and the jammed nail will pop up or you can safely remove it.

Without this feature, you might end up running around with a jammed finish nailer in your hand looking for the right tool to clear the jamming. Another feature that is very important is depth adjustment. Working with different wood materials for example will require adjusting the depth of the nailing. Doing this without tools will make your job easier and faster.You can simply move a dial that will set how deep your nail will go to better suit your surface and nails.

Other Considerations:

  • Firing mode: Sequential firing that requires you to set the trigger every time allows you to adjust the angle at which you want to shoot a nail. While contact triggering will fire a nail every time you touch the surface.
  • Storage cases: Some finish nailers come with cases to move them around. Some also include special features or extra spare parts as well as spaces for extra nails.
  • Exhaust system: Pneumatic nailers will emit strong air puffs while working. Your nailer should have an option to channel this away from your face and eyes especially if you are working in a dusty area.
  • Lights: Provide better visibility when you are working. This could be very useful if you are working in an area that is poorly lit as you will get better view of your work surface and nails.

Top 5 Recommended finish nailer reviews:

With all the mentioned considerations and the tons of finish nailers on the market, it takes some time to choose the best finish nailer. In this section we reviewed some of the best finish nailers in the market in order to help you find the one that better suits your needs:

Paslode T250S 501680 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer:

If you are in the mode for some remodeling in your house, then look no further. There is a better way to finish the job than using the old hammer and nails. This is one of the best pneumatic finish nailers in the market that comes from a reputable brand. It is light weight and balances perfectly on any surface. This finish nailer provides a nice finish and you can see the nails buried perfectly making your finished work look smooth and polished. It has a wide magazine that shows you how many nails you have left. You can fix nail jamming and adjust depth firing without tools with this easy to use finish nailer.

Best Finish Nailer

The nailer weighs only 3.9 pounds making it super easy to move around. It has a warranty of 1 year and 6 months for the spare parts. It takes only two easy steps to reload this finish nailer and with the reload indicator in hand, this task is super easy. You can switch the firing mode to better suit your needs with this easy to hold finish nailer. The grip is super safe and will allow you to control your finish nailer perfectly.

This finish nailer will help you finish your carpentry or DIY projects professionally and easily. It will save you time and energy and you will see how professional and smooth your work looks.

 Main features:

  1. Light weight
  2. Tool-free nail jamming fixes
  3. Tool free depth adjustment
  4. Switching firing mode
  5. 1 year warranty

Hitachi NT65M2S 2-1/2-Inch 16-Gauge Finish Nailer with Integrated Air Duster:

Using a hammer and nails to finish wood work is not only time consuming, but also a bit hazardous as small nails are not very easy to hold on to in all positions and you might accidentally injure yourself while you are doing this task. This is why it is wise to invest in a finish nailer like this one. It is a great finish nailer for all carpentry newbies and experts. Whether you are into a challenging DIY project, or use nailers professionally, this finish nailer is great to finish your tasks efficiently and beautifully.

Best Finish Nailer

This pneumatic finish nailer allows you to clear the dust off your surfaces, thanks to the built- in duster feature. You will not be working with dirty surfaces anymore and your work will have a professional finish. With two firing modes, your carpenter work will be like no other using this durable finish nailer.The exhaust hole can be rotated and adjusted away from your face to avoid those nasty air puffs that hit your eyes while working.

Hitachi NT65M2S 2/12 Inch 16 Gauge finish nailer is lightweight with a non-slip handle for easy and safe control. It features a no-mar tip to protect your fine work while you are using the nail finisher. It also features a tool-free nail jamming option and depth adjustment that will make your job super-fast and hassle free.The finish hammer comes with a case and safety glasses for maximum safety and convenience.

Main features:

  • Built –in air duster for clearer view of your work surface as well as a polished and clean finish.
  • Two firing modes with an easy switch.
  • An easy to adjust exhaust plug to avoid annoying air puffs while working.
  • Non-slip handle for maximum control.
  • Holds up to 100 nails.
  • Comes with a tool case and safety glasses.

Freeman PFN64 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer :

Say goodbye to hammers and nails. Hello Freeman 16 Gauge Finish Nailer! This is a versatile pneumatic finish nailer for various and different tasks. It can adapt from 1 inch to 21/2 inches nails to suit different work surfaces and different projects.This lightweight finish nailer weighs only 4 pounds and is great for cabinet construction,molding, chair rails or any other task that you would use a hammer. It uses easy strip loading and has an adjustable air exhaust to channel the air away from your face while you are working. This way you will not suffer from air pushed forcefully into your face, making your job easier and faster.

Best Finish Nailer

It features a no-mar tip to protect your surfaces against nicks and scratching. It is made of Aluminum, which makes it super light and durable. No need to run around with a loaded finish nailer for quick fixes. Control your depth setting with ease with this professional finish nailer. It also features a tool-free jamming release for hassle-free work.This finish nailer comes with an outstanding 7-year warranty as each tool is individually tested and experimented before it is shipped to clients. It is a must have!

Main features:

  • A sturdy pneumatic finish nailer.
  • An outstanding 7 year warranty.
  • A durable light weight Aluminum
  • Perfect for simple and sophisticated tasks.
  • No-mar tip to protect your working surface.
  • An easy to adjust exhaust to protect your face and eyes.
  • Tool-free nail jamming fixes.
  • Tool-free depth setting to suit different surfaces.
  • Accommodates 1 inch to 21/2 inches nails for different work surfaces.
  • Strip loading that accommodates up to 100 nails.

DEWALT D51257K 1-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch 16 Gauge Finish Nailer:

An advanced pneumatic finish nailer that can be used oiled or not thanks to the Dewalt special sealed lube technology for a precise and accurate nailing on various surfaces.It can work with 1 to 21/2 inches nails to accommodate various projects and suit different work surfaces. This light weight finish nailer weighs 3.9 pounds and is super easy to carry and use even in corners. It has an adjustable exhaust to make sure that you work comfortably without air forced into your eyes. It has a no –mar tip that ensures that your working surface will be scratch and nicks free giving it a sophisticated professional finish.

Best Finish Nailer

You will not worry about tools to clear nail jams as this nailer features a tool-free jamming option making your life so much easier. It also comes with an adjusted belt hook that will make using this nailer so easy whether you are left or right handed. It works in sequential mode for accurate nailing and features depth adjustment that is easily, done without tools. It comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Main features:

  • Lightweight tool that can be handled with ease.
  • A 3 year warranty.
  • Tool free nail jamming and depths adjustment options.
  • An adjusted belt hook for easy use, whether you use your left or right hand.
  • A no-mar tip to protect your surface against scratches and nicks.
  • Sequential firing mode for precise and accurate nailing.
  • Works with 1 inch to 21/2 inches nails.
  • Sealed lubetechnology that allows for using the nailer oiled or not.

Hitachi NT65MA4 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer:

One of the highest quality finish nailers that provide a professional and clean finish to your work. This nailer makes your projects easier and faster with dual firing mode that you can easily switch to suit personal preferences. It accommodates nails from 1 ¼ inches to 2 ½ inches for various DIY projects and woodwork.This lightweight (only 4.2 Ibs) and durable finish nailer is made of Aluminium that makes it super easy to carry around. It features an easy to hold grip and its small size allows you to hold it and use it with ease in all angles and positions.  It is pneumatic so you will not be hindered by cords while moving it around.

Best Finish Nailer

You can clear nail jamming in a glimpse and adjust the air exhaust easily to make sure that air will not be forced in your face or block your vision. It features an easy to adjust depth setting for various surfaces.This high quality finish nailer comes with a 5 years warranty and features dual nailing mode for convenience and efficiency. The nailer comes with an air duster that will help you clear away dust before you go on with your nailing, making your job easier and your work surface cleaner. It comes with a no-mar tip to protect your work surfaces and safety glasses to better protect you while working.

Main features:

  • 5 year warranty.
  • Made of Aluminum making it light and durable.
  • Dual firing mode and tool-free jamming release.
  • An air duster to clear dust before working.
  • Adjustable depth setting.
  • Adjustable air exhaust.
  • Safety glasses included.
  • Easy to hold grip.

Final Verdict:

Finish nailers are more efficient and faster than using hammers and nails for various jobs and tasks. In this article, we highlighted the main features to look for in a finish nailer and the best finish nailers available in the market. You need to make sure that your nailer has large triggers that can be easily handled with gloved hands. Make sure that your nailer has a secure grip that will allow you to use and carry with ease.

Always read the user manual and follow manufacturer’s instructions for regular maintenance and use. Wear safety glasses and always switch off your nailer when you are not using it. Make sure that you don’t point your nailer towards a person or an animal, even if you are not it. Get a nailer that better suits your needs, experience and nails.

A nailer with a higher gauge will allow for more precise finish with smaller nails. Make sure that your nailer has enough power to work with the surface and nails you are using. Some people might prefer finish nailers that have plastic parts as they are lighter and basically cheaper, but I personally see that a finish nailer should be made of more durable and sturdier materials. It is good to have a finish nailer that has both sequential and on contact firing modes to suit different work requirements. The best finish nailer for you is out there. Grab your nailer and fire on!