The jigsaw is a flexible cutting tool for home improvement as well as hobby chores. Depending on the power of the motor connected, the machine can create anywhere from maximum 3000 strokes per minute and can cut through all materials ranging from wood to steel. Before purchasing a jigsaw considers the job that is required to done, and chooses the machine that excellent fits those requirements

Best Jigsaw

A jigsaw cut in both directions i.e. straight as well as curved lines through a whole host of materials as well as offers the liberty of movement in addition to the capability either to facilitate slow cuts with precision or to rip cuts rapidly.

A few unique features enhance performance in certain applications as well as make the machine more desirable. For instance, a 360-degree orbital blade freely allows for sophisticated detail, as well as adjustable speeds, as well as orbital action operating settings, are programmed to steer the machine depending upon the job done.

Jigsaws are available in the price range of around $40 up to $300. Which models are worth the investment, as well as which should you avoid spending the extra money? In addition to cost, blades of the machine are also a regular expense and should not ignore.

How To Select The Best Jigsaw

There are few things, which I always keep in mind before buying the Jigsaw so that I can get the best jigsaw

Type of Jigsaw Blade

Although jigsaw blades cut different soft as well as hard stuff, they all are not the identical. It is indispensable to prefer the attest blades as per the material as well as the way in which you desire to cut it. An unsuitable blade can lead to poor cutting as well as damage to both the unit and blade (broken as well as bent).

Fortunately, you get blades as per the material for which it is made for, ensuring easier as well as a quicker selection of blade. Brands for example Bosch have come up with the color code for blades to indicate the material category.

Keep in brain that it takes much more time to cut the more hard stuff than the more soft items. So if you want to cut off hard material, then you need a sharp blade, but cutting soft material can be done by using standard blades.

Size of Blade

The normal size of a jigsaw machine blade changes regarding their thickness as well as their length. The minimum length should be an inch longer than the thickness of the material.

The thickness of the blade in addition to width indicates the in general maneuverability as well as flexibility. Thinner and less wide blades are extra fragile but are better for making intricate patterns as well as cutting sharp curves with more accuracy in addition to clarity.

Teeth of Blade

Teeth per Inch or TPI are the measurement of Teeth of a blade. This measurement determines the class of material ideal for the blade, how quick gets perfect for softer materials such as cloth, paper, as well as wood.

These materials cut very fast, but the output will be rougher that you require sanding later. Harder materials for example ceramic need a finer cutting edge, but the cut is much slower.

One more factor that contributes to the cut’s speed in addition to roughness is the kind of tooth set. The set may be ground as well as milled. Ground tooth sets are much sharper as well as feature a finer point for slowly building finer cuts. However, they exhaust earlier than the crushed ones

Speed of a jigsaw

The rate of a jigsaw calculated as Strokes per Minute (SPM) not in Rotations per Minute (RPM). The stroke rate refers to the count representing the number of times a blade moves up and down in a minute.

The speed varies from 500 to 3,000 SPM. You shall note that deep cuts in dense woods require extra speed, whereas hard steel wants much slower speed.

More than the SPM, it is the existence of variable speed setting that matters. The bulk of advanced models come with 4 to 7-speed settings, which is more than sufficient for precision as well as flexibility.

However, in the case of smooth as well as repetitive DIY tasks, a less variable speed setting is well.

Additional Features Of Jigsaw Reviews

There are a few extra features to consider which I think for more comfort as well as convenience:

  • For bevel cuts tilting up to 45 to 90 degrees (the more the settings, the better as well as more flexible is the unit)
  • LED light for visibility
  • Dust collector
  • Tool-less blade changing system
  • Anti-vibration mechanism
  • Easy to purchase from online and superstores

Our Recommended 5 Best Jigsaw Reviews

Earlier than you start looking for various types of jigsaws, it is worth knowing regarding the most popular as well as leading brands. It is strongly recommended buying from those brands instead of preferring an unbranded or any other tool.

For jigsaws, the famous, as well as trustworthy brands are Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Black & Decker, Makita, Festool, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, as well as Metabo. These brands are well liked for their power, durability, comfort, as well as convenience.

On the other hand, this does not mean that every model from such brands has an equal say in all of these fields. Different companies provide a different kind of machine, which has different feature like speed, blade type and cutting material type.

WhHIn addition, different companies give different grantees on their product. Based upon different features there is some listed some jigsaw. Here I explain a detailed study of a different kind of jigsaw and their features

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw

This is a heavy-duty 6.0-amp corded jigsaw, which can deliver more power in demanding applications on the job site. The variable-speed motor gives 0-3,200-SPM, while a seven-position speed dial provides best-cutting results. Its six Amp motor gives power in demanding applications, which included into the trigger, which offers various speed settings for best cutting results.

Best Jigsaw

The orbital action having four settings performs across a range of materials, and a lock-on button allows constant operation without holding the trigger. The key less blade changing system is quick as well as simple, and the jigsaw accepts Universal as well as T-shank blades for flexibility. The over sized front and over-molded handle improve control as well as comfort, allowing you to tackle extended tasks with less fatigue. Its blade has very good speed, and from them, I can get both straight and rotational cut both very easily without any difficulty. It will make precise as well as slow or fast cuts. It has compact size, as well as lightweight design


  • Watch Product Video as well as more
  • 7 Position speed dial (0-3,200 SPM) facilitate multiple speed settings for optimal cutting outcome
  • 4 Orbital settings provide most excellent cutting performance in a wide variety of materials
  • LED light gives greater clear visibility on the cutting surface
  • Keyless blade change makes blade replacements fast as well as easy
  • Soft grip handle, as well as front grip area, provides greater control as well as comfort during use
  • Cast shoe with protective cover gives greater bevel accuracy and protection when cutting soft materials
  • Tool can be adjusted at any angle in case of this machine
  • Lock-on button provides simpler control during prolonged use

Best Jigsaw Reviews

DEWALT DCS331B – A 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw

The DEWALT DCS331B- A 20V MAX Jig Saw presents a tool free blade change, all-metal lever-action which allows for fast as well as simple blade changes, together with an all-metal tool free shoe bevel by detente at an angle of 0Degree, 15Degree, 30Degree as well as 45Degree that provides flexibility for easy bevel cutting. The control of cut quality as well as speed id facilitated by a 4-position orbital action facilitates, and a dust blower keeps the line of cut clear of chips.

Best Jigsaw

It features the adjustable speed up to 3,000 revolutions per minute (strokes in a minute) for flexibility in a mass of materials as well as applications, along with an anti-slip comfort grip for greater than before comfort as well as control. This jigsaw uses T-shank jigsaw blades only for the expert outcome. Other batteries as well as chargers sold separately; compatible with DCB200 as well as DCB201 batteries and DCB101, DCB119 as well as DCB103 chargers


  • All metal lever action tool free blade change allows for quick in addition to simple blade changes
  • Control of cut quality, as well as speed, is provided by 4-position orbital action
  • Adjustable speed of 0-3000 SPM for versatility in a broad range of materials as well as applications
  • This machine accepts only T-shank blades for good results
  • Anti-slip comfort grip for increased comfort as well as control
  • 3-year limited warranty; 1-year free service agreement; 90-days money back assurance
  • Includes jigsaw blade

Best Jigsaw Reviews

PORTER-CABLE PC600JS 6 Amp Orbital Jig Saw

Perfect for cutting plywood, scroll work, sink cutouts, shelving, art projects, in addition to cutting designs into dimensional lumber. Model PC600JS also offers easy tool-free bevel adjustments at an angle of 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees plus four orbital settings that facilitate you to adjust the cutting performance to fit the material properly. It also includes a shoe cover to guard the shoe when not in use and to protect softer during cutting.

Best Jigsaw

Its motor is very strong so can any toughest applications cutting. This jaw machine has variable speeds as necessary by whatever huge number of cutting applications that you desire skillful post haste. It has six Amp motor, 4.8 Amp motor that can handle a broad variety of cutting materials and applications. The power tool has a LED that serves as your cutting channel and your way to maintain the cutting exterior. I have tried it many times, and the results are very accurate. That is why I always prefer this jigsaw when there is a need to make such cuts. This jigsaw is ideal for me.


  • This Jig Saw can hold the toughest applications with heavy-duty motor.
  • Your blade replacement process is secure, easy, and fast every time.
  • There are seven types of speed settings that you can choose as per your usage
  • This jigsaw has a shoe cover that keeps its shoe bevel secure, thus make sure a stable platform for your cuts every time.

Best Jigsaw Reviews

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw 

This saw features stable result circuitry for accurate and consistent presentation. Low vibration design is for perfect cutting for a thickness of 5to 8 inches on wood and 3 to 8 inch on steel. This jigsaw provides a variable speed setting of up to 3100 SPM with a four position orbital operation for different blade strokes. High Amp motor plus speed control dials offers power and control for cutting through rough materials.

Best Jigsaw

Its Accelerator trigger provides you control over the operating speed. It is compact in size so easy to move from one place to other. One of the best thing about this jigsaw is that it is easily available in the market and one can shop it online or from the super market. To make sure about your preferred speed whether it is maintained or not, this jigsaw has developed the Constant reply Circuitry so that you never have to be anxious regarding the discrepancy in your output and accuracy.


  • Have one no-mar overshoe, one anti-splinter insert, bevel wrench, blade, as well as carrying case
  • Tool-less blade change system
  • Blade ejection lever gets rid of the require to touch hot blades
  • Adaptable shoe maintains cutting stability
  • On board storage for simple convenience to the bevel wrench
  • 1-year warranty
  • Eight ft. Cord provides a long reach
  • Have a carrying case

Best Jigsaw Reviews

Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw

It is a great jigsaw, which has a stylish Select dial that repeatedly sets best orbital settings, with seven incredibly supportive pre-programmed operating settings. These, joint with the saw is other features, make it perfect for cutting wood, and hard things. I can make straight and curved cuts using this Jigsaw. This machine is very easy to use, and when I do search for this tool, I found it easily available on the internet.

Best Jigsaw

Its blades are very sharp so can do the cutting of hard things also. Its repair is easy as its spare part is easily available in the market one can get them easily at reasonable prices. In this saw, blade changing is extremely easy as compared to the various similar type of cutting machines. Because of the easy blade, changing facility ad easy overall operation of the machine the time required to finish the project is very less. Its speed can change from 800 to 3,000 rpm and Variable speed give the option of curved cutting which is easy to do with the help of this machine. It has very powerful motor whose blade can be changed without the help of any tool so changing of a blade in this machine is hassle free and need no help from the technical person

Main features

  • Can do cutting of hard material either straight and curved cuts as per the requirement
  • Has very powerful motor
  • Machine has 2-year limited warranty, which also includes one blade
  • Have very high-speed blade

Because of this entire good feature, I like this prefer and prefer to use. One should also try this machine for any of cutting purpose.

Best Jigsaw Reviews

Bosch JS470EB 7 Amp Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

This jigsaw offers excellent cut precision. This machine has 7-amp motor with adjustable speed. This saw machine is used by the carpenters to furnish kitchen and bath installers. This saw is a brilliant choice for curve cutting. Its blade has very high speed and gets produced 500 up to 3,100 strokes per minute. Its weight is less so easy to move from one place to other. It has the body made with the aluminum gearbox.

Best Jigsaw

It can be getting easily from the online market and the super stores. It is the very reasonable priced machine. Blade changing need not any tool and can be done without the help of any expert so this system permit for fast blade insertion and ejection featuring a lever that gets rid of requiring to touch a hot blade. Constant reply circuitry upholds preferred speed for reliable output and accuracy. It has adaptable dust blower that keeps cutting of material line clear. It has carrying case, which makes it easy for me to move it from one place to other and make help me to maintain the machine. This jigsaw allows me to make stable and precise long cuts with either hand.


  • Have 7 Amp motors
  • Can produce 500 up to 3,100 strokes per minute
  • Very high-speed Blade
  • Easy to maintain

Because of this entire good feature, I like this prefer and prefer to use. One should also try this machine for any of cutting purpose

Best Jigsaw Reviews

Final Verdict

Well, identical to other power tools, jigsaws are accessible in different varieties. All of them differ regarding brand, blades, type, price, as well as other features or specifications. Before you start searching, it is necessary to understand that there is no single excellent jigsaw on this planet. The inference of the term most excellent itself is subjective. Most good means the model that fulfills your all requirements within the decided budget in the most efficient way.

Once you answer the above questions, it becomes super simple to look for models as well as brands that can fulfill what you need. For instance, if you know that there are just powers outlets close by, you will go for a battery-operated jigsaw. Likewise, if you want to make curved cuts for an extended time, a perfect model with a unique blade for that particular cut.

Best Jigsaw Reviews