When it comes to welders, nothing can contend with a TIG. They make high quality pellets that are hardly noticeable, making assembling your project look fantastic.

Additionally, these models are accurate and effective, providing you get the job done easily and without any mistake.When you own a  TIG welder, you have the power for making ideal welds.

You will come across endless options, which is why it is hard to pick a particular best TIG welder.

Bes Tig Welder ReviewsYou need to stick under consideration that getting a welder is not essentially its power and advancement. Welding is a process of registering with two various metal pieces.

This will certainly be done by merging and melting metals being joined with. The power for registering with these two metal welding units would come from a fire or an electrical arc.


Because of how effective they are, many people make the big error of thinking that TIG welders are pricey. However, this is not true at all.

While there are some pricey editions out there, you can still get an excellent welding unit at a fair price.  Below you will find several options to fit every need and price wide range.

You will discover the best TIG welder and some top quality options that we have composed for you after detailed tig welder reviews.

Best Tig Welder Reviews

How To Pick The Best Tig Welder

If you need tidier and the best quality welds, then I will recommend you to get a TIG welder. But if you want to operate the best tig welder for the money, it requires more ability than that of another kind of welders.

However, TIG welders are handier as they can be used for broader variations of metal size and type.

Whether features, power or price, I am sure you know that TIG welders, like any other welder, come with many variations and options in all factors, which somewhat makes selecting the right one among so several options a very trial.

You can read greatest buying information to assist you when selecting the most suitable welding unit you need. Some of those concerns are given below;

Power Input:

If you need a TIG welder for the little house or village tasks, then an 115V welder is just fine. For bigger tasks weld, a 220V welder is an excellent option.

Just in case, you need a welder for the top perfection commercial objective, and then you will need a TIG welder with the input power 230V or more? Almost digital Tig welder involved double volts input.

Power or Amperage Range:

It is always best to pick a TIG welder that has the biggest amperage range, available in your budget. A TIG welder with 5 to 230–amperage range will provide highest possible welding versatility on types of material and size.

As aluminum required higher quantity of amperage for welding than of stainless steel or light steel, the TIG welding unit that is lower than 200 amplifiers power, will not suitable for the utmost size of steel.

Remember that the broader is the amperage number of your TIG welder, the more types of metals can you weld without the need of buying different welders.

Metal Thickness:

If you want to weld metals with 1/2 size, TIG welding unit is not at all suitable to you. TIG welding works effectively on thin metals, as they want accurate heat control during the weld, which is possible only by using TIG welders.

You will need about 1 amp per 0.001 inches wide of metal size or 40 amplifiers per mm.

Duty Cycle:

A TIG welder with 20% duty cycle is regarded low 40%, and 50% is the medium and from 60% to 80% is regarded the best. Duty cycle relies upon on how many amplifiers you need for the weld. For example, a 140A welder with 10% duty cycle will provide 30% duty cycle when used for 115A.

AC/DC Process:

If you need to weld only steel metals, you will need of TIG welder with AC/DC options. Magnesium and aluminum materials are soft, and so they want AC output. However, the hard metals like copper, and stainless steel needs DC.

Type of Arc Start:

Usually, two kinds of Arc start available in the market, High-Frequency Start, and The scratch Start. The start is essential to get over the resistance level of tungsten so that the present can improve circulation through the work piece.

High level of Frequency Start is wonderful for welders with both AC and DC options. The scratch Arc Start is also suitable, but tungsten might be infected in the welding.

Nowadays, Lift-Arc Start function is also available that prevents the scratching in the electrode.


While getting a welder, you need to originally, think about the most common uses of your welder, which can be farming, building, livestock farm, house, maintenance, mending or auto repair workshop.

You need to stick under consideration that the welders are being developed for specific applications based on the elements like task cycle or ranked output together with some other features.

Welding units:

Several welding units provided to help make your welder portable.


Can you bring your welder to the metal welding units being joined with? Alternatively, do the metal welding units have to be taken to the welder? The practical welders will certainly be 70 pounds or less.

Top 5 Tig Welder Reviews On The Market 

If you have visited the website to seek the best TIG welder and found detailed tig welder reviews, then you have found hundreds of brands online and now worried to find which the best one.  Here are some of the best TIG welder brands we have chosen for you.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder Review

AHP AlphaTig 200X is a very highly effective 200 amplifiers TIG welder, which is wonderful for both hobbies and experts and. AHP AlphaTig 200X provides you top quality weld with very affordable prices, enabling the number of welding opportunity.

Best Tig Welder Reviews

It gives durable power source of power along with IGBT technology, with performance on 110V-220V input power. This welding unit can weld up to3/8 inches wide, mild steel and 1/4 inches wide aluminum.

AHP AlphaTig 200X has a 3-year complete assurance. It is the best welder in all factors in its class

In the Cpanel of AHP Alpha TIG 200 X welder you are having, a couple of rows of a dialing software kind type controls. Besides, in the first row, you have the amperage configurations, and in the second row, you will see the configurations for the features, for example, Pulse time, Pulse frequency, and Post now.

This welding unit takes advantage of the best Fairchild IGBT inverted technological advancement, which would give you the full-rated output. You will also an anti-stick function in the present welding unit that could drop to 30 amplifiers for easier stick raising.

Main features

  • Weighs 38 pounds
  • Measures 19x23x12 inches
  • Can handle 1/4 inches wide metal and 3/8 inches wide light steel
  • Can weld thin gauge materials, stainless steel and aluminum
  • 110/220V voltage
  • HF start TIG
  • Can weld 6013 and 7018
  • Easy to set up and run
  • Has the Innovative Inverter Technology
  • Foot your pedal for more control
  • Has the Plus Width Modulation (PWM)

Best Tig Welder Reviews

Forney 322 140-Amp MIG/Stick/TIG Multi Process Welder

The Forney 322 Multi-Process Welder, 120-Volt with 140-Amp highest possible output is a flexible multi-process inverter centered welding unit capable of Stick, MIG, DC Tig or Stick welding.

This welding unit is an inverter kind, multi-process,synergic, welder and is MIG can run with gas hose and regulator change simply with welding procedures.

Best Tig Welder Reviews

The Forney 140 MP is a latest welding unit and it provides high-quality features like conventional MIG, longer gun/torch, spool gun ability, and Stick electrode owner, synergic MIG ways, fast “euro” style detach torch, HD cast aluminum feed/drive system with drive rolls and geared idler.

The performance, value, and quality of this welding unit will make an impression on you.The TIG torch and feet pedals are not involved and available for separate purchase.The 5/3/1 or Innovative Alternative assurance is as follows with five years complete replacing or parts transformer.

You will also get 36 months full replacement or the parts and  labor inside battery power charger or welder that protect within the exemption of the transformer. 12 months parts and labor for all parts and components outside welder cover or battery power charger involved but not restricted to wires, clamps. Changes, tires and axle are not protected.

Main features:

  • Suitable wire diameters are 0.023 in, 0.030 in and 0.035 in.
  • Processes include flux cored (no gas),MIG (gas), stick and TIG
  • Suitable electrode diameters are up to 3/32 in. and 1/8 in.
  • Suitable spool dimensions are 4 in. and eight in.
  • Has stick and MIG set-up
  • Launch information also included
  • Weld up to a 1/4 in.

Best Tig Welder Reviews

Lotos CT520D LCD Cutter Machine Tig Stick Welder

As one of the biggest producers of plasma cutting, TIG/stick, arc (MMA) welding unit in the world, Lotos Technology provides the CT520D multi-purpose welding unit, which has some welding and cutting features.

It can cut all kinds of metal up to 1/2 ft. With the 50-Amp plasma cutting function. With a side holding body weight at 32 lbs., this unit works effectively and portable with the quality of duty cycle of 60% at max amplifiers for all features.

Best Tig Welder Reviews

The Lotos CT520D multi-purpose 3-in-1 welding unit provides some several welding and cutting features. It can cut various kinds of metal up to 1/2’’ with the 50Amp plasma cutting operate.

In addition, this welding unit can change between DC TIG Welder and DC Stick Welder easily. With a side holding body weight at 32lbs, this welding unit works and effective with a duty cycle of 60% at max amplifiers on all procedures.

Optionally, you can purchase foot pedal on the market.

Main Features

  • Input power frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (better performance at 60Hz)
  • Combines plasma cutting, TIG/stick and arc welding feature in 1
  • Air filter/regulator with metals and brackets
  • Larger TIG welding flashlight
  • Power efficiency: 85%

Best Tig Welder Reviews

Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i 230 Volt Inverter Based AC/DC Welder

The amazing Hobart EZ TIG 165i welding unit is a heavy 230V AC/DC that provides an unusual individual knob control. This makes it the quickest and simplest AC/DC TIG welder to operate and effectively control.

It is not hard to set-up, all you have to do is to connect it into the 230 VAC, connect the gas and then, select the material and thinness you wish to weld. It is very, very simple.

Best Tig Welder Reviews

Besides, this unique welding unit has a substantial weld performance compared to its peers. Its weld performance starts from 22 gauges to 3/16 in. In both DC and AC for steel/Chromalloy/stainless steel or aluminum.

It also has One-foot control and a lightweight inverter-based design if this model.

Main Features:

Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i welding unit offers unique features that outsmart the ones provided by its opponents that are the key purpose for its tremendous client attraction. Those features are outlined are;

  • Auto-post circulation that provides the best possible protecting on the basis of welding amperage without waste for variation.
  • Fan-On-Demand that allows the fan to run when required thereby, cutting waste being drawn to the welding surface area
  • HF start that allows a non-contact arc starts to cancel tungsten and content pollution.
  • EZ, which allows use of the interface with one knob and one change control
  • Inverter-based resource of power provides a regular welding arc with the use of less power.
  • Infinite amperage control for broader working wide range with better control
  • AC output for highly effective metal welding, DC output for sleek, and stainless steel welding
  • Automatic and effective high-temperature shutdown
  • Weighs only 50 lb. (23 kg) so it works about

Best Tig Welder Reviews

EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder 

The PowerARC 140 ST from Ever last is an ideal option for the client who has a home shop, farm or even a little manufacturing business. This is the welding unit to have while you are out on the trail, at the track or just in your store doing daily manufacturing tasks. In fact, you can forget heavy transformer welder using the area.

Best Tig Welder Reviews

The dual-voltage IGBT inverter style allows the welding unit to go anywhere, and work offs any traditional power store. Maximum amp output working on 240-Volt is 140 amplifiers for Stick and TIG.

The amp output despite the fact of working on 120-Volt is 87 amplifiers for stick and 95 amplifiers for TIG. The Power ARC 140ST can weld every type of metal except for magnesium and aluminum with its stick lift-arc orTIG.

EVERLAST Power ARC 140 ST has about everything you need to weld, for example, an easy carry case. The standard and a stick 17-series gas valve TIG-torch, in consort with the process hold are involved with the welder unit as a part.

It has also is a little starter kit included of usable for TIG. You need nothing be change inside to go between 240-Volt and 120-Volt.

The welding unit works, in either TIG or stick mode. The welding unit can weld up to 3/16 in. Plate metal within a pass and weld electrodes from 1/16 inch Up to 1/8 inch.

Heavy in stick mode. E7018, E7014, E6013 and E6011 stick welding rods all weld easily due to the automated hot start and flexible arc power control.

Main Features:

  • Compact inverter provides a commercial 35% duty cycle while cutting size and weight
  • 10-140-amp welder with stick and lift arc TIG features for welding metal, stainless steel, and even copper
  • Convenient bring case along with stick and TIG torch and perform cable/clamp included
  • Dual volts 120/240-volt style provides go-anywhere performance; melted output while working on 120-volt)
  • Adaptive arc power control

Best Tig Welder Reviews

Final Verdict:

Beyond the entire TIG welder reviews, recommendations, and between-the-line research, there is one more thing that is going to help you opt for the best, and that is your instinct. If a welding unit, despite all the online glorification and magnificence, does not seem right for you, miss it unapologetic ally.

The high-end best TIG welder provides impressive versatility in selecting the sample. From thick steel sheet to soft aluminum metals, with an honest TIG welder on the side, even the hardest welding projects will feel like a piece of cake. I hope that by now, you are in having a comprehensive information about the best welding unit you are going to spend in.

In general, the more you have to spend into the best tig welder, the higher high quality you will get. You always want to take into consideration what specifications you will need and what tasks you will be doing with your welder.

Eventually, it is up to you to decide what kind of the best tig welder for the money you will be able to operate with and are able. Lastly, I made a decision to discuss my information with other welding lovers like you so that you will not have to face the problems as I did.

I hope that my website will not only help you to pick best tig welder for the money but also provide other relevant info that you must know.

Best Tig Welder Reviews