A wood planner is a power tool used to re-size, and precisely determine the size width and thickness of wooden boards. If you were building something out of wood, for example, a table or bookshelf, and you need several boards to be the same thinness or width, you would use the wood planner to mark and measure your preferred level.

best wood planer

You will then, send it through the wood planner, which would shave all access wood to acquire the width or new thickness of your board. Another common use for the best Wood Planer is to fix and repair distorted boards.

This is done in the same process mentioned above, by first tagging your preferred dimensions and following the process, the bent board is then run through the planer to make a thinner and straighter wood, fixing the wrap.

Wood planers consist of key components, which are the feed rolls, feed direction, cutter head, and measurement configurations. The in and out feed rolls are the systems controlling the process of pulling in and out of the boards.

The feed direction is the direction in which you place wooden boards into the cutter tool. The cutter head is the internal knife/cutting tool that will cut your boards to the appropriate dimension.

The measurement configurations perfectly measure the boards and deliver the information to the machine to cut and shave the appropriate amounts of wood.

How To Select The Best Wood Planer

After looking at all best planer, and power woodworking tools out there, you might feel more puzzled than ever about which tools you really need.

While a proven may depend on your price range, you should also consider what you want to do in your workshop and the kinds of tasks you do. If you want to develop sleek edges and even surfaces, choose a joiner planer.

This combo tool works two different features and costs less than purchasing two different tools would. You can use a jointer planer for designing wood furniture and other tasks.

When visit some websites and online stores for wood planer reviews, we find that some experts even recommend that enthusiasts spend in a jointer planer first and obtain bigger tools later. Getting one of these combos can help you low cost in your price range.

Table Size

You also need to consider both the dimensions available that have the best thickness planer and the dimensions of the cutting place. Many of the affordable models that you will spy in DIY stores or online stores can assist boards of up to 15 inches wide or thick.

While that is sufficient for basic tasks, you may need to go up to a planer that can work with boards that are more than 20 inches long.

Cutting Surface

The cutting place itself is essential. These knives come in different styles and shapes. Most choose planers that have a helical head, that have the quality to move across it, are quicker than any other heads can. Others choose more spiral designs featured planers. This can offer your finished boards with a better surface than you ever thought.

Noise and Sounds

Before spending much cash on a new tool, you should try to see that tool in action. After our comprehensive thickness planer reviews, we found that professional and commercial wood working shops do not create noise because they do not feel much sounds produced by such machines as we feel.

While disturbance may not hassle you, those sounds can hassle other people. A hand-held power planer will make more disturbance than a bench top design does.

The issue with a power planer is that it may not have the strength you need to plane down bigger or heavier wood. Power planers may not work efficiently with certain kinds of wood either.


Other factors you must consider are the motor in that planer and its overall dimension. Many cheaper models have a universal motor, and while these motors are light, convenient, and effective, those motors do not do well when used with harder wood.

You might choose an induction motor according to the basis of your workshop. Though these motors are heavier than other motors but an induction motor will definitely, work more efficiently on any type of wood you use.


As you go shopping for planers, and not be able to remember the point in the dimensions of each design. If you have only a little surface available, a hand-held power planer or a combo joint planer is a wise decision.

Benchtop and other bigger models will take up more surface but work with more tasks and will last a longer period too. Looking at all these planers as you store can help you find the right one for all your tasks.

Best 5 Recommended Wood Planer Reviews

Now we have selected some most important, durable and reliable wood planner for you after our detailed and comprehensive planer reviews.

Makita 2012NB Review

Those looking for a size planer that is more light and convenient small will appreciate this Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer. Though it still does everything you want a planer to do, it comes in a small package that allows you to save surface around your store.

Best Wood Planer

It is lightweight and convenient enough that you can use it at work and then carry it back to your car for house use. Though it has a bigger table, it also has extensions that let you enhance the table for use with longer boards.

Makita made this model to make less disturbance than its competitors make and included a LED light for on/off of the power.

One of the features makes the Makita 2012NB so simple to use its extremely light and convenient mobility. It also uses non-reusable double-edge planer knives that can be easily changed when necessary.

Makita also claims that 2012NB uses the easiest and quickest knife change system, and if this is true, this will only make using the planer that much more special.

The Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer also uses a four-post style combined with cross support facilitates that work to considerably, enhance the overall balance of the planer.

It also has huge table extensions that will allow you to assist your work items efficiently. Besides, if you need to develop recurring cuts, there are adjustable depth stops that you can take advantage.

Main features:

  • L.E.D. light indicates that the planer is connected to the power source
  • Lightweight regard to moving to the workplace
  • Low disturbance for operator comfort
  • manufactured for quicker, simpler knife changes
  • Large table extensions to assist the work piece
  • 4-post style and angled combo facilitate for balance
  • Fully adjustable depth quit for doing it again cuts

Best Wood Planer

DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer Review

DEWALT equipment and tools have a reliable warranty, which is one of the reasons we included this model to our list. This planer has an effective 20,000-RPM 15-amp motor will turn the most complicated tasks because it is specially designed for use with harder woods.

You will also like that it has three knives in its cutting place, which allows you to get more than 90 cuts in every so. Inches wide of wood, you send through.

Best Wood Planer

The DEWALT DW734 12-inch Bench Planner uses razor sharp knives that are undo able and non-reusable. These knives last 30 % a longer period than traditional non-reusable knives, helping you avoid costly and time-consuming re-sharpening.

This planer is extra-long in feed, and out feed tables offer 33-1/2 inches wide of content assist. A turret depth quit helps you to save you time when setting the tool at commonly used absolute depths.

It has extra features, that you will not find in other brands, makes DEWALT DW734 12-inch Bench Planner a unique tool for all woodworking professionals.

In extension, the planer’s material-removal measure and extra-large size scale help make sure every pass is precise. A Four-column carriage lock significantly cuts the activity that causes content damage, or snipe, when preparing near the end of a board.

Main features:

  • Three knife cutter-head with 10,000 RPM provides 96 cuts per inches wide, one of the finest finishes of any convenient planer
  • Extra-long in feed and out feed table offer 33-1/2 inches wide of content support
  • Highly effective 15-amp, 20,000-RPM motor manages bigger, further cuts in hardwoods
  • Four-column carriage lock significantly cuts the activity that causes snipe
  • Disposable, undoable knives provide 30 % more knife lifestyle and make knife change quick and simple

Best Wood Planer

DEWALT DW735X Review

DEWALT DW735X 13″ Two-Speed Planer is excellent for professionals and hobbies. One of the features that we liked the best is its powerful motor that generates 20,000 RPM when using it as a planer and 10,000 RPM when using it as a cutter tool.

The toolbox has dual speed settings that you can transform in seconds to get your work done even quicker, and it has an injection vacuum located on the top of the side. That tool absorbs up any sawdust or waste stuck in the cutting place and drives it away from the planer.

Best Wood Planer

You can get efficient assistance for your wood planer and keeps it mobile with the use of DeWalt Planer Stand with incorporated Table.

This is no doubt, the best feature for  powerful, efficient, heavy-gauge steel brackets that can support even the heaviest benchtop planers, and a medium thickness fiber board top that is pre-drilled about set up of any DeWalt wood planer.

If the planer does not align with the current holes, it is not difficult to drill new holes to support it. Perhaps the state-of-the-art feature of this set-up is the wheel set, which can be disengaged using 12 inches your pedal for immediate mobility or lock work.

Main features:

  • Heavy-gauge steel facilitates make sure balance and security under huge loads
  • Holes predrilled to support a DEWALT planer, but can be suitable with any bench-top planer
  • Foot your pedal involves and disengages wheels about activity around the shop
  • Includes mobile base, stand, components, MDF top, display, and 3-year restricted warranty
  • Comes in top quality dimension 30-by-24.2-by-6.9-inches and is 57-pounds
  • Durable and constant under heavy loads
  • Maximum versatility
  • Easy storage and movement of planer and stand

Best Wood Planer

DEWALT DW735  Thickness Planer Review

When we visit the different website to find the best thickness planer reviews, DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer is in the top of the list of thinness planers users.

You can get the most efficient support for your planer with the use of the DeWalt DW7350 Planer Stand with its Incorporated Table.

With the support of its durable and power steel stand, you can take it anywhere, as this stand provides the efficient mobile facility.

Best Wood Planer

DeWalt DW7350 Two Speed Thickness Planers are a long-term investment that allows you to save your money by purchasing hard stock and dimensioning it yourself.

They also make creating custom components simpler, which, in turn, makes getting great outcomes simpler. The DeWalt DW7350 Planer’s powerful 15-amp motor works with deep cuts in tough, hard woods. Its three-knife cutter head and two-speed gearbox provide 96 to 179 cuts per inch. Use 96 cuts per inch when dimension material and 179 cuts per inch for a better finish.

Main features:

  • Highly effective 15-AMP, 20,000 RPM motor controls bigger cuts in broader components with ease
  • Dual speed equipment box allows users to change feed rate to improving cuts per inches wide at 96 or 179 CPI
  • Three knife cutter-head provides 30-percent a longer period knife lifestyle and makes knife change quicker and simpler
  • Easy storage and movement of planer and stand
  • Highest possible flexibility
  • Resilient and constant under heavy load

Best Wood Planer

Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 in Thickness Planer Review

Using a wood size planer like this one from Delta Power Tools decreased the risk that you might get some things wrong when planing boards for various tasks. Its 15amp motor works with both smaller and bigger tasks; its exclusive knives system allows you to easily exchange out the knives for planing soft and hard woods.

Both the in feed and out feed tables on the rear and front are adjustable, and as it has an open style, you can clearly see through to the rear and keep an eye on each wood you push through. We also like the dust slot that you can use on either side of the tool.

Best Wood Planer

The Delta Power Tools 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer is excellent for professional leads to the woodworker’s store. It features two memory feed paint rollers for a no-slip grip on the work piece; placed close to the cutter head to enhance work piece finish.

The tool also has perfection produced steel cutter head for precision and endurance with a stainless-steel bed that cuts rubbing and improves motor efficiency.

A reasonable light-priced planer has all the attractive features of a top performer. A 15 AMP motor, precise adjustment setting, expansion tables, and dirt collection slot, but it falters when it comes to strength.

It uses slim sheets of steel for the housing, and this can cause serious vibration while the tool is operating. It also takes a hit on the cut efficiency. The vibration improves with use, and if the tool is operated at a stretch, it is heated up easily.

Main features:

  • Adjustable infeed and out feed tables to better assist long items and decrease snipe
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor able to handle the demands of a small shop
  • Four range models provide excellent balance for precise, smooth preparing over many years of use
  • Quick change knife system with double edge no reusable knives allows you to change knives without difficult-to-use positioning jigs

Best Wood Planer

Final Verdict:

After spending some quality store time with these convenient thicknesses, I am left with a positive impression of all of them.

When I think back on the days when you had to drop a huge load of cash for huge wood or bench top planer that took four powerful friends to go, I am excited to live in an age, when with only 230-400 (more or less) dollars you can purchase the best convenient model of wood planer that can be carried without breaking anyone’s back.

Budget portables may be limited for planing power, and they may not last if their cast-iron rivals, but they are still an excellent buy for any carpenter, woodworker or serious DIYer

If you are in search of the heavier tool with the best performance that works with any type of wood either hard or soft, I would suggest selecting DeWalt DW735X, which leads the pack with unrivaled power and perfection. This one is a monster with a 15 Amp motor that works with the hardest of tasks.

However, if you were looking for a planer that offers both top appearance efficiency and has all the features that make preparing wood simpler, I would go for the DeWalt DW734. It may be the most expensive style in this group, but the DeWalt is a well-built tool that is a pleasure to use, and so it generates my elect as your “Best Bet” buy in my opinion.

Best Wood Planer