When a construction company needs different types of tools to fulfill their business demand and the DIY enthusiasts need the instruments that may be able to do what they desire, there are different types of tools that have been manufactured by different brands. Many brands are well reputed for manufacturing such unique type of tools and Bosch is one of those specific brands.

Bosch GTS1031

This company has manufactured saws of many types that can be used by the people with different types of demands. These saws fulfill their demands very well. Bosch GTS 1031 is one of these brands. This jobsite table saw is called the best of all types of table saws that have been invented by any other company even by the same company. This article is being written to present the review of this best table saw. The reader will not only get the reviews of this article but will know more about the advantages of the same saw as well.

Bosch GTS1031

Size of Bosch GTS1031 Saw:

The size of this saw is very much different from the other saws. Earlier or previous saws were manufactured in the form of a table with four legs. This table sized saw used to be difficult to handle by the worker. When we read Bosch GTS1031 review, we come to know that the size of this saw is like a bench.

This bench type table saw is best to shift from one working place to another even with single hand. This is once again ideal for the workshops that have been made in the house and in the limited space. This table saw takes a limited space and this is the reason that it has become the selection and choice of almost every needy person.

Bosch GTS1031 Specifications and Features:

This saw is called the best type of power tool because it has unique specifications that are hardly found in any other table saw. It has four horse-powered motor that is rarely found in any other saw with 15 Amp. The blades of this portable saw are of 10 inches. When these 10 inches blades cut the wood, the depth of the cut of these blades goes up to 3.25 inches deep. The maximum rotation of the motor of this cutter is of 5000 rotations per minute.

Bosch GTS1031 Review

The features of this table saw have been manufactured to keep secure every part of it because of the guard system. It has anti-kickback pawls, blade guard and riving knife. All of these safety measures are enough to ensure the safety of the person who is operating this saw. These safety features are like the sign for the user for the optimum control during the cutting process.


The Bosch portable table saw has been geared for the best type of DIY applications and for the uses of job site. Many people are the enthusiasts of for DIY purposes and applications. They need unique types of tools for fulfilling the demands enthusiasms. This is a power tool that can be used for detailed woodworking.

The projects like home improvements, renovation and construction require the kinds of tool that may have the ability to fulfill their needs at the doorstep. These types of projects need tremendous accuracy and perfection. When a user uses this portable saw, it seems like his demands have been fulfilled. It has a full sized table saw in it but can be used for minor projects of fine art as well.

These are the few reasons this saw is called a detailed tool that fulfills the needs on precise level as well. This is the reason for which we call it unique and adorable in its functions.

Convenient To Portable:

As we have discussed in the start that this is the best type of tool which is convenient to portable for its manufacturing qualities. The weight of this machine is only 52 pounds but it does great job when someone has to go with it from one place to another. This is a compact tool with excellent accessories in it. Accessories of the other table saws are attached on one side of them that are like a hurdle at the time of use.

If we compare this saw, we will come to know that the accessories are settled beneath the table of this saw for which it is more secure and compact. Push stick, rip fence and miter gauge have been settled beneath this table. Two wrenches are kept under the toolbox of this table that is used for changing the blades.

Why cannot we call it the best Bosch jobsite table saw when it fulfills the needs of the workers and does great job for them at their job time? This multi function great tool with great accessories makes it to do great jobs.

Easy To Use:

Most of the times, it happens that when such compact type of tools are bought, it is hard to fix them. However, when we talk about Bosch GtS1031, it is simple and quick to fix at the same time. You just have to lift the riving knife and attach the rip fence.

When you are done with these two steps, you are just supposed to affix the anti-kickback pawls. When pawls have been affixed, the last step comes to affix the blade guard. It is essential that these blades should be affixed with perfection because these blades for this saw are well reputed all around the globe.

It is necessary to maintain this tool because if dust enters in its part, it will be useless. It has dust chute located at its back that are accessible even without the tools.

Final Verdict

At the end, I would like to say that this is a perfect table saw with excellent storage system, perfect portability quality and impressive specifications that meet the needs of your woodcutting with perfection. Therefore, if you ever need the table saw, you can go and try it.

Bosch GTS1031