Roofing is a job that is done by the expert people, and it needs a lot of hard work and concentration. To do the job properly, roofer needs some essential tool for their job. A Bostitch roofing nailer is an essential requisite for any specialized roofer. It is the tool, which the every roofer need during its work.


Bostitch rn46 1 nailer is a sturdy, comfortable, and lightweight pneumatic instrument. If you are an expert roofer, you must be aware of it and may sometimes use. It is a multitasking tool, which needs very less recoil as compared to other nail guns and can shoot longer nails. The cost is average; it is a simple bargain on getting a controlling tool for your roofing project.

Bostitch RN46 1 Coil Roofing Nailer Fetures:

The roofer can do their job accurately and within less time using this multitasking tool. It comes with severe wear guards and slides resistant pads. This nailer is build up with magnesium housing for lasting toughness. It has included the final nail detail and nail lockout features. A few important aspect of this tool is as below


  • It is made up of Magnesium housing which provides it more toughness
  • Bostitch coil roofing nailer has carbide put in tip for long life
  • This nailer has untested single-action side load canister
  • Rapid set adaptable depth control for reliable nail drives
  • Over shape grip for relaxed use
  • Shingle guide that necessitates no tools to regulate for fast layouts
  • Full round driver for more reliable drive quality

This roofing nailer planned to work under difficult conditions. It is the very lightweight tool with only weighs 4.8 lb. This unit comprises an easy loading, single action cylinder, and a dry fire lockout to assist stop shooting when it runs out of nails. Its Zero nail lockout feature assists to get rid of dry firing and indicates when to reload the magazine. This tool has insistent wear guards and skid pads help in defending the tool against any breakage on rough surfaces. Its adjustable depth feature allows quickly sets nails to the desired depths

Bostitch RN46 1

Advantages of  Bostitch Roofing Nailer:

  • This Roofing tool is suitable to use with its lightweight, and even a fresher can apply it without any problem, there is no need of any special training.
  • It made of a magnesium body, which makes it durable, and rusts free.
  • The over-molded rubber grip option is there in the nailer for straightforward and relaxed gripping.
  • The side-loading feature makes it simple and quick to refill nails.
  • Built in depth control make sure the required depth of nails.

Disadvantages Of The Bostitch Coil Roofing Nailer:

  • As the tool is very light in weighing and slick in look, so it needs some cover for safety, but there is no box available with the pack, one has to buy the additional case for storage.
  • Need extra care when using because of sometimes this tool fire many nails at one time.

Best Usages Of The Device:

Bostitch RN46-1 Coil Roofing Nailer is well organized and reliable when making use correctly with proper care. To know about the tool, it is good to read the manufacturer’s manual.

When you use this tool, it is recommended to save eyes from flying particles by wearing spectacles. In the case of some sites, earmuffs are also necessary for safety. Take away the tool from power when you are clearing a jam, complete job, or when moving from one place to another.

For which type of expert this tool is best:

This tool is useful to all kind of roofing job.As it provides sufficient power to do all kind of projects, whether they are home base or for industry. The product is not only fit for pros, but a fresher can also use it without any training. Therefore, whether you are fresher or experience, it will be suitable for all kind of experts.


If you were seeking power and expediency for booming close of roofing jobs, you are going to take pleasure in the usages of RN46 1 Coil Roofing Nailer. Even though the nailer would not come with a case, it is not a huge problem; one can buy the case from the market in a tiny amount. It is so easy to make use of, and with an ease grip and weightlessness.

Bostitch RN46 1