The DEWALT D55168 can be characterized as a mid-range compressor. It is appropriate for do-it your sellers and those who have minor shops. The pump rapidity maxes out at 1,750 RPM. With EHP Effective High Weight technology, the motorized and drive will last lengthier. This offers the transport ability of smaller units but motionless deliver the optimistic of larger compressors.

dewalt d55168

It is fortified with an involuntary thermal excess protection. This is good as a security measure. On the regulator panel, there are air reservoir weight gauge and controlled pressure device. The response for the DEWALT D55168 is really not very inspiring. It only grooves 3.6 stars out of five on Amazon. Motorized by a 1.6 horsepower train, the D55168 uses an electronic supply at 120 VAC.

A number of disapproval have been flattened at the produce. Still, the mainstream of the clienteles of the 15-gallon compressor have been content with their acquisition. The controlled pressure gauge designates the air weight available at the opening. This is measured by a pressure controller. Many critics have been overwhelmed with the overall presentation of the creation.

If you have a garage or minor shop, it is a countless compressor to have on indicator. There are approximately undesirable commentaries floating about the gutter valve. You are obligatory to drain the water accrued in the tank afterward every use. Some critics spoke about the original break-in process and the position of it.

Just retain in mind that it does have some limits. It is not intended to replace a superior model. The channel plug is located on the lowest. According to a quantity of critics, there is not much authorization between it and the bottom. The DEWALT D55168is not the best accessible one on the market place.

Like any other invention, this one is not flawless. If you have a garage or small workshop, it is a countless compressor to have on pointer. Based on the appraisals, it can cover an extensive diversity of jobs and requests with no issues, from consecutively an impact tug to blowing out shares.

 DEWALT D55168

DEWALT D55168 Compressor Main Features

  • EPH Effective high-pressure knowledge delivers extraordinary air-tool run times.
  • Air-filled wheels and a compressed design for movability and easy transport
  • Dual-purpose grip protects the compressor and the whole thing as a hose wrap
  • 2 in. gauge permit for an easy to read shallow
  • 200-psisupreme pressure permits long air-tool run time

Lightweight and portable Dewalt 15 Gallon Air Compressor

It is Unimportant enough for easy movability this 15-gallon compressor from DEWALT D55168 lets you overhaul and perform conservation work on wagons. As well as a diversity of gear, and can help with tacking projects and gusting dust away from your exertion area.

It is ideal for home based or small workshop use, its silent, 78 Dba sound level and oil-free enterprise make for a more agreeable, less messy working involvement, while its capability to efficiently activate air tackles like paint sprinklers and ratchet twists gives you plenty of possibilities.

dewalt d55168

Oil free, conservation free impel for convenient use Competent high pressure motor consents the compressor to be path with an postponement cord 12 Ga. or heavier, 50 ft. or less due to reliable amp draw supplies of the compressor. The DEWALT D55168 also reduces down time and attitudes up to wear and rip, thanks to its 200-PSI max cistern pressure and 5.4 SCFM at 90-PSI process.

DEWALT D55168 Air Compressor

The DEWALT D55168 Gal. Portable Rechargeable Air Compressor is model for smoothing with a dual achievement sander not encompassed; fastener with impact twists and ratchet twists not included and polish spraying by means of a spray gun not comprised. The airborne compressor’s drive is oil- and conservation free for suitability. Unconscious start/stop process and a dual-purpose knob make the air compressor informal to use.

High-pressure motorized with reliable draw supplies can be track with a 12-Gauge or advanced postponement string that is under 50 ft. The air compressor landscapes a robust 1.6 HP electronic engine and a hard wearing steel cistern. All corded foodstuffs are calculated to work with American 110/120V channels only. Products recycled in foreign orifices without proper use of a power adapter/converter will not be enclosed by CPO’s reappearance policy or 30-Day Money Back Assurance.

It has 30 to 40 psi and this in flight compressor could withstand that weight easy. Though you would have to usage an air filter and water centrifuge to get clean air. When structure pressure the weight switch has air gusting out of it when weight is built up it halts, what is incorrect with my with my heaviness switch. Cuts on acceptable runs about three moments and trips the electrical roller. I give it an additional, or two flip the roller.


  • The lightweight and compact size
  • Can provide good airflow
  • Capacity to keep a lot of air
  • Low Noise Level


  • Substandard quality of Regulator knob
  • Short and firm electric cord
  • Heavy size air compressor


DEWALT D55168 portable worktop compressor is an extremely good tool to go with your home cleaning service with an acceptable way. This tool is client helpful and readily available or even make. Its benefits are seen to over-shadow the drawbacks, which makes it an outstanding tool.

 DEWALT D55168