The DEWALT DW872 14 inch multi reaper saw has enough volume to cut the whole thing from 5 inch black pipe to 2-9/16 inch solid bar standard. Intended to outstrip chop saws by 4 times and transportable band saws by 8 times inside its angle iron of 2-by-1/4 inches, the DEWALT DW872 continues a steady cutting edge diffusion throughout period of cut with its 14 inch, 70 tooth carbide tilted blade.

DEWALT DW872 14 Inch Multi Cutter Saw Review

Nicely multipurpose with the aptitude to cut a wide diversity of resources counting ferrous and non ferrous metals. The carbide fangs deliver debauched, exact, almost burr-free cuts to decrease the need for groundwork grinding, and over cuts are cool to the trace. The DEWALT DW872 features a particularly designed barrier that familiarizes to 45 degrees, preparing the saw to cut substantial angles professionally.

DeWalt dw872 Super Cutting Performance:

The 15 amp, 4 horsepower motorized has a 1,300-RPM no-load haste. The protector rapidly withdraws so you can opinion your cut streak while still defensive from French-fried tubers with chip deflector so you to straight excess wreckage into a solitary safe, neat extent. The carbide-slanted blade also improves affordability likened to standard rough wheels with less cost-per-cut, associating to about 1,200 cuts founded on physical used. The vertical clamping scheme offers more creative consequences than the specialized standard and the comprehensive, robust steel base is intended with four pre-drilled hovels for bolting and is armed to weld dances or stops to the situation.

DeWalt dw872 review Comprehensive Detail:

DEWALT DW872 14 inch multi cutter motor 14-inch carbide-tipped knife-edge tug; vertical clamp; functioning instructions are comprised in their box. It’s also enclosed by DEWALT’s DW872 one year free facility contract, where DEWALT DW872 will uphold the tool and substitute worn parts produced by usual use for free. A lot of persons are aware that clever shopping for the correct tools cannot be done deprived of doing any correct investigation.

For individuals who are penetrating, they would possibly come crosswise Makita lc230 and DEWALT dw872 and they cannot benefit but become disorderly with which one they ought to choose.Most of the spell, people end up just obtaining the very first implement that they see since they do not poverty to make any energy into verdict the right tool intelligent that all of the tools are the similar. Here we converse some features of DEWALT DW 872.

It is based on the multi-cutters which offers the versatility by cutting a wide variety of materials with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • It is designed carbide teeth deliver fast virtually burr-free cuts.
  • It is patent 45 degree with adjustable quick fence it allow the fast and the accurate angle without cut by using wrench.
  • It allow the quick-lock wise for the fast clamping on the different sizes with the materials and increase the productivity.

Comfort and Convenience

Other features include a chain less padlock down tittle so the saw skull can remain secure for easy conveyance, and a density spring for reliable motion and augmented resilience associated to torsion mechanisms. The DEWALT DW872 features a vise that delivers an instant grip on a wide diversity of requests, a shaft lock for immediate wheel standby, a built-in wheel alteration wrench to diminish the coincidental of misplacement, and convenient meetings for easy tool conservation on the job site. An equivalent handle contentedly agrees you to place your wrist to diminish exhaustion and a jaggedly crafted metal top grip for easy conveyance.


This DEWALT DW872 tool is sponsored by three year incomplete warranty cover any flaws due to faulty resources or workmanship from the time of purchase. It has approximately advantage and some other features.This is the kind of metal cutting saw secondhand for nonferrous metals since even though some metals are firm to cut, this metal wounding saw transports.

The ergonomics of this mechanism is also very decent. Whenever it would essential to be transported from residence to place, there is a grip that is obtainable. There are a ration of carbides that are comprised with each set. For learners who are not acquainted with what carbides are, these are gears that people can use in instruction to re-improve the edge.


Power and performance

When it originates to the blades of DEWALT DW872 the Makita edges may be careful better because sideways from the detail that the edges of the Makit can be re-sharpened so that they can be secondhand again, the edges can last for a long dated of time while the edges of DEWALT would essential to be substituted after some time since they are throwaway. Even inferior news is that the edges can be exclusive.

There is no essential to try re-cutting or re smoothing in order to brand the materials even, the use of DEWALT DW872 can make things improved.The skill of cutting though has already been learned by DEWALT DW872. This strength be the perfect article to use in command to make seamless cuts each time.The main drawback of the DEWALT DW872 is the restraint. The restraint is in charge of construction sure that the saw will be beside yourself from one place to additional with ease.


  • Works on a wide array of materials
  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Cuts clean and quick


  • High cost
  • Material holder could have been better


No doubt, DEWALT is one of the best model comparing to all other competitive of the same features. It also provides us the warranty. The tool comes with a three year warranty, a one-year 100 % free service agreement, and the 3 month of money back limited warranty.