Why do you want these essential bike repair tools? Can’t you just go to the mechanic to sort you out? Do you have the time to repair your bike? Well, these are the few questions that might arise in your mind after reading its title. Before you go on and close that tab, let me give you the answers.

Firstly, you need these essential bike repair tools because, well, you have a bike. It might seem too simple, still, bikes, no matter how much you take care of them, have the ability to ditch you midway through the journey. For that time, it is imperative that you stay prepared.

Bike Repair Tools

Secondly, while you can go to the market, he will charge you a lot of money. Also, there might be situations – think of your last long ride – when there is no mechanic nearby. What will you do then? Yes, these tools will come handy then.

Thirdly, while not all of these are inexpensive, they give you one thing which your mechanic cannot: one time cost. After spending just one time on these, you’d be able to sort out all of your bike problems yourself.

A List Of 20 Essential Bike Repair Tools

#1: Bike Repair Stand

I have tried to work on a bike without a bike repair stand. Believe me, it wasn’t a good experience.

#2: Bike Pump

I don’t think I need to describe what it does. Still, when you go out and get one, make sure it works on both schrade and presta valves. Also, if you ask me, go for the cheapest one. Why? The air is the same in all of them.

#3: Hex Wrenches

Whether you want to adjust the saddle of your bike, its handlebar, or simply any other household thing, hex wrenches are a must.

#4: Cable Cutters

Be it the cable connecting your brakes to the tires, or for any other household usage, cable cutters are a must.

#5: Electrical Tape

Only cycling enthusiasts might tell how the vinyl electrical tape has bailed them out in difficult circumstances.  Remember, you don’t have to go for the high priced one because a simple one will do the job.

#6: Chain Tool

If you have looked closely at your bicycle chain, it has plates and links that are pinned together. Whenever the chain breaks down, you’ll have to remove those links. For this purpose, a chain tool is necessary.

#7: Chain Lube

Do I need to tell what a “chain” lube does? Even if you don’t like a lubed chain, remember that your bicycle loves it.

#8: Screwdriver

Beneath the seat of your bicycle, there is a little stop which needs loosening whether you want the saddle to go up or come down. For that purpose, a screwdriver is a must.

#9: Tire livers

From putting your race tires on or to replace a tire which has gone flat, a tire lever is imperative.

#10: Hammer

Before you go out and give your bike a tap, make sure that it is a soft one. For, go at it hard and you might have to use the hammer tool.

#11: Scissors

Want to cut the tape of that handlebar? Looking to cut open that package of yours? These scissors might come handy.

#12: Adjustable Wrench

Do those fenders need some working.

#13: Gear brush

There is a saying among cycling enthusiasts: only a clean bike could be a fast bike. To judge the veracity of this statement, these gear brushes might come handy.

#14: Grease

Just for the record, I decided not to put grease on the pedals. It is, however, another matter that I had to replace those pedals later on.

#15: Multitool

If you think that having a multitool is necessary, you’d soon realize that it takes more time to walk home than to bike.

#16: Mini pump

There are two types of multi pumps that are available in the market: CO2 and non-CO2. If you ask me, I’ve both. I use the CO2 one for my road bike and the other one for my mountain bike.

#17: Chain Whip

Want to replace those cassettes? These chain whips might be of use.

#18: Lock Ring Tool

In combination with the chain whip, lock ring tool is used for taking that cassette off.

#19: Spoke Wrenches

These are used for adjusting the tension in the spokes of your cycle wheel, wheelchair wheel, sulky wheel, or any other similar wheel.

#20: Cup of Tea