Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor which can be work in hard condition and this Air Compressor will create less sound so it is environmental friendly Air Compressor and because of its higher output it give excellent result in tough job condition. It has Big Bore cylinder and piston to rise recovery time and hence the performance. It pump is made up of iron core so it is also hard in nature and have long life after one time purchase.

Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor Review

What oil consumer in this compressor is very less so one can save many resources. These electric devices recommend expediency as they are lightweight and almost maintenance free. So after purchasing, once you need to spend very less on it.Of course, when you select a compressor you require thinking regarding long life and how an exacting unit can meet your requirements.

Makita MAC24

Why Purchase Makita mac2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Have Big Bore Engineered Pump

Makita mac2400 Compressor has 2.5 HP motor which has high power and can support any work. The makita air compressor engineered pump is made up of cast iron cylinder which has better bore and blow for increased firmness, faster recovery, and less noise. The cast iron building made for better durability even under rough job site conditions.

The Makita air compressor 2400 has an oil lubricate pump and is ready with a large automotive style filter for better air intake and greater competence. Furthermore, this product is very easy to maintain and need very less repairing cost if any fault occurs during working

Adaptable Design for a different Range of Applications

It had an Adaptable Design which made so that different work can be complete using this song compressor. The Makita air compressor 2400 is made for little sound, high production, and fewer repairs, and delivers manufacturing power and outcome with better toughness under hard job site conditions.

Features of Makita air compressor

  • It has iron pump which makes it tough to use and have Big Bore cylinder, and piston is engineered to offer faster recovery time for better performance
  • Its motor produces very less noise and has excellent productivity
  • Low AMP draw lessen incidences of tripped breakers at startup
  • It has oil lubricated pump to reduced wear
  • Large automotive approach industrial air filter for better air intake and greater competence
  • Have hard iron cylinder which is to decrease wear and add to pump life; can be detachable for simple maintenance
  • Have oil sight glass for rapid, simple and easy maintenance
  • Need very less maintenance at very reasonable rates

Pros of mac2400

  • mac2400 is the calm operation, with a mild engine note.
  • As it, the motor is lubricated with oil, so it increases the toughness of the Makita air compressor.
  • Building and materials are some of the most excellent in the price range.
  • Two hose outlets make this unit more elastic than others.
  • High cubic feet per minute rating.

Cons of mac2400

  • The weight of the mac2400 is very high which decrease effortlessness of portability.
  • It has a small tank capacity because of that lot of users would not be capable of taking full benefit of the high cubic feet per minute rating.
  • Some good extension cables would not work with this compressor so need special extension cables for this compressor.

Makita MAC24

How Portable Is the MAC2400?

After makita mac2400 review it found that potential purchaser desires to appreciate that this compressor is not a small unit. Its weight is approximate 80lbs which is very much high, so if you want to move this compressor from one place to other and you not used to move such massive device from a location to other, then it will become the problem for you.

The big problem is there that compressor has no wheels, so it becomes harder to move it. A dolly would be a valuable accessory for those who require running the mac2400 around the home, a store, or a workshop.And the person who never feels to move this 80lbs weight device then this can be done by using heavy duty roll cage as the compressor is built with a large duty roll cage with a built in carry grip.

Is it simple to make sure Oil and Read the Gauges?

Yes it is simple to make sure Oil and Read the Gauges of this air compression so finally it is easy to use


The oil indicator windows offer an instant visual symbol of oil color and level. The bright red dot on the window indicates the suggested oil level. All other controls and measure are of high quality and are with no trouble accessible. Tank and controller gauges are large and feature prominent black/red on white dial markings.

So those who want to do hard work then Makita mac2400 is the best choice for them as it is the reasonable price and it is easy to maintain. Also one can order this Compressor online and get the delivery at their door. It is very easy to do online shopping of mac2400 Compressor and also reasonable compare to on site store shopping