Every home is unique and different in its own way. A home is like a canvas of the owner. It shows a visualized state of the owner’s mind, his preference, and choices. That is why every home is unique and every home is perfect. But, I feel there are some certain things that every home has in common. It’s the roof of a home. Every home has a roof, right?

top 4 equipment for home

 what are the top 4 equipment for home . Let’s begin.

Water Filer:

This is probably the most common and the most important of all the other in the list. Specially, in states where there are water pollution problem and the govt can’t provide pure drinkable water. That is why every home must have some kind of clean drinking water solutions for their home. In my humble opinion, the best option is the reverse osmosis system.  It’s efficient and also powerful.

A good Vacuum cleaner:

Trust me on this, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner in your home, you are in trouble. This is also one of the most important must have item for your home. You will not know the wrath of dirt until you break your vacuum. For areas where there is lots of dirt issue, this is a life saver for them. Also, if you have kids then, buy a vacuum cleaner and save yourself the trouble of cleaning the house every day.

Tool kits for the cool guys:

If you are the kind of person who loves to do stuff and fix things on their own then, get a get a hand tool kit box. This will help you a lot in your fixing and manly ventures (wink). Nothing feels better than having a box of necessary tools and use them whenever you need them. That is exactly why I say – “tool boxes are for the cool guys”.

Now, you might be thinking, hey I’m not someone from ifixit. Why do I need this? Well, to answer your question I must ask you one question. How much do you spend per year on hiring people to fix something for you (be that plumbing, furniture, gardening etc.)? You got my point, right?

If you can do the things yourself, why hire someone and waste money?

That is why I think every home should have a tool kit box. Doesn’t matter if you are a cool guy or just another guy.

Safety Scissors:

Is it just me or everyone out there can’t find anything sharp when they need to cut something? It can’t be only me. That’s why I always keep a bunch of safety scissors in my home. Because you can’t know for sure when you need them and more importantly, you sure as hell can’t know for sure when you’ll lose them. I mean seriously, there Should be some kind of tracker to keep track of them.

First Aid box:

This is kind of obvious, isn’t it? You never know when someone will get injured. And you can’t always go to the hospital instantly. So, you must have some kind of first aid box in your home. This will come really handy when needed the most. Trust me first aid box is literally a life saver.

Well, hope you did get some valuable information from this article. Last but not least, one thing that I would like to mention. That is while you are getting a reverse osmosis system for your home please make sure you buy the best reverse osmosis system. Because lately there have been some reports of faulty RO system being sold in the market.

Stay safe and Stay healthy.